Pasture Turnout

The welfare of horses is of primary concern with turnout groups carefully managed for compatibility.


TurnoutRMEC has approximately 20 acres devoted to pasture turnout.  Horses are turned out daily, weather permitting.  The turnout fields are irrigated, and the grass pastures are carefully managed so that lush fields are always available to the horses.



TurnoutCloseupThe pasture is sectioned off with electric tape so that small groups of horses are separated from one another yet visible to each other. 





TurnoutSouthDaily turnout and blanketing is included in the price of monthly board.  Horses are grouped according to compatibility and needs.  Staff work with each client to insure the safety of the horses.  Many pasture turnout fields allow for small groups of compatible horses to be turned out together. 



Private Turnout

Private and small dry lot turnouts are also available for those horses with special individual circumstances.  Private turnouts are located near the arena and barn areas. Hay and water are provided. 

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